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MK-Distribution closes a number of deals with international companies
 12 Dec 2017
MK-Distribution (a part of MK Media Group, Ukraine) announced that it has closed a number of deals with TV channels, distributors and IFE (inflight entertainment) providers, selling Ukrainian content.

One of Europe's leading TV/VOD distributors and publishers Mobibase (France) signed a contract with MK-Distribution purchasing mobile and OTT rights. Two programs are going to MENA and Pakistan: CoolLook  (350x12 min, the program that shows wellbeing and beauty advices in four areas: make-up, fitness, hairstyle and manicure) and LunchBox (140x7 min, a cooking show that brings simple and beautiful ideas about how to make a lunchbox colorful and tasty.

MEGAFON, the second largest mobile phone operator and the third largest telecom operator in Russia, chose from MK’s catalogue educational programs for kids Lessons of Aunt Owl (or Multipedia) and few fillers: Secret Ingredient (100х3 min, cooking), FoodLab (100x3 min, cooking), World in Pictures (100x5 min, entertainment, travel guide), Do It Yourself (100х3 min, craft/diy ideas).

Family channel +TV (Belarusian media-holding BELVIASAT) will broadcast several cooking shows (Tasty Morning 150х3 min, TasTEA 50x2 min, Secret Ingredient 100x3 min), Do it Yourself 100x3 min, CoolLook 350х12 min and Anyday Holiday (26x7 min, in each episode the traditions of New Year and Christmas celebration in different countries is revealed).

Global Eagle Entertainment provided passengers of Air Europa with cooking program Carving Day (100х3 min), where the beautiful techniques of fruit and vegetables carving is performed stepwise. Air Astana and Norwegian Air Shuttle also became interested in cuisine shows. Irish content services provider Inflight Dublin chose for these airlines FoodLab (200x3 min) and FunFood (100x2 min) with cooking recipes from all over the world.

Travelers like to discover new countries and their cultures, so the topic of art hits the spot. The title Re:Art (100x3 min) can be watched on displays of AirAstana and Norwegian Air Shuttle. The program follows the artist that recreates the masterpieces of famous painters by pencil drawing.

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