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All set for first edition of NEM Zagreb
 06 Dec 2019
Just ahead of the first edition of NEM Zagreb, organizer and CEO and Owner at Mediavision, Mediatranslations and Pickbox, Sanja Božić Ljubičić, tells Yako Molhov about the launch of the new event, how it differs from NEM Dubrovnik and what to expect from the rich program of the conference which takes place December 11-13 in Zagreb.

Sanja, you have been organizing the very successful NEM Dubrovnik for the past seven years during the summer. What were the main reasons to set up a new market event in winter?
Through the last 7 years NEM became a brand which grew bigger than we ever imagined. With its development, it became a central place in the CEE region for TV industry professionals from all around the world and put Dubrovnik and Croatia on the map. The main reason behind launching NEM Zagreb is a diversity in topics on which we want to focus on. Knowing the complexity and fast development of the TV industry, we wanted to include more of its aspects. We like to call NEM a „TV market with a view“, but it is so much more – it is also „all about content creation“. This December we are raising the bar and extending the conversation.

Tell us a little bit more details about NEM Zagreb: how many delegates are you expecting and will there be any differences between the two events?
The TV industry wouldn't exist without the business side of it but also - there is no business without creativity. While NEM Dubrovnik is focused on business processes, production and distribution trends, FTA's, Pay TV channels, IPTV, etc., NEM Zagreb will focus on content creation, production and all factors that make a successful TV project. These are all relevant topics in order for the industry to bloom and prosper. More than 60 keynote speakers, panelists and guests from the industry are coming to NEM Zagreb this winter. Also, we are expecting 500 visitors, who want to connect with key players, learn from their expertise, upgrade their business and develop ideas.

NEM Zagreb has been planned with screenings, panel discussions, presentations and keynotes. What are some of the main topics that will be addressed?
The main topics will be content creation including both creative and business aspects. We will discuss current trends in the industry when it comes to formats, recognizing and creating a global hit, ways to create memorable characters and keep the atmosphere intact from the production process. Growing popularity of European production and shows is also an interesting topic which needs to be talked about, as well as content financing and commissioning. NEM Zagreb is also arranging exclusive screenings and Q&A' for BBC, CBS, Keshet International, Yes Studios, HRT and many more which will premiere their newest content especially during NEM.

You have announced a TV writing contest that will take place during the market. What are your expectations from the debut edition of the contest, how many scripts you have received already and who will be in the jury?
NEM's TV Writing Contest is an amazing opportunity for writers, regardless of their experience, to present and discuss their idea to key players in the industry. Receiving feedback from high-profile people is priceless – if used in a right way. Connections made at NEM can elevate someone's writing career and that is our only expectation. We received more than 120 applications in scripted and unscripted category and are excited to reward winners with 5 000 euro and access to 6-months license to WriterDuet Pro screenwriting software.

The jury is made from TV professionals who work on screenplay development and are in touch with TV projects on a daily basis: representatives from HRT, RTL Hrvatska, Nova TV, BBC Studios, Keshet International, Rai, Beta Film, Zig Zag Productions, Cine Link Industry Days, Rocliffe, Midpoint, PÖFF23, Joyrider i ScreenCraft.

Who are some of the executives and talent attending NEM Zagreb this year?
We are very proud to welcome Harold Gronenthal, Executive Vice President, Programming and Marketing at AMC International, Dairusz Jablonski, CEO of Apple Film Production, Allan Starski, Oscar-winning production designer, Gabrielle Tana Oscar and BAFTA nominee, Frank Spotnitz, CEO & Executive Producer by Big Light Productions and Larry Namer, founder of E! Entertainment Television - just to name a few.

As for talents, we are happy to welcome Billy Campbell (Cardinal), Kris Marshall and Rose Williams (Sanditon).

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