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CEE Screenings 2021 presents
 14 Oct 2021
Today, we invite you to screen three fresh series from Ukraine, Hungary and Russia. Cossacks mixes comedy and history telling the funny story of simple Cossack Ivan who dares to steal some jewels from the Moscow Tsar. Doctor Balaton is also billed “the Hungarian Dallas” and focuses on the story of Dr. András Balla-Tóth who starts a new adventure in the small town of Balatonmeggyes. Prof is a thrilling crime series in which history lecturer Andrey Izvorin investigates crimes from his own serial killer comics which suddenly begin to come true.

Cossacks (https://pitchplay.tv/ceescreenings/55)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, 12x46'

Raised by a Polish aristocrat, Ivan is a young Ukrainian man of humble peasant origins. His cheeky nature pushes him to rob the Moscow Tsar of precious jewels, yet it’s to a noble end: he needs the royal riches to free his mother from Ottoman enslavement. But then it turns out that the simple robbery is not that simple: Ivan accidentally steals a magical heirloom, an earring which had helped the Moscow ruler to stave off defeat. The magic earring ends up in Ukrainian Cossack Fortress, aka the Sich, what’s worse – it’s in the ear of the Sich leader, Koshovy. Stealing the earring from the Tsar was tricky; stealing it from the Cossacks is impossible, however hard Ivan tries to get into their good graces. It does not help that Koshovy’s right-hand man, Nazar, doesn’t trust Ivan. He is also suspicious (and for a good reason) of Ivan’s intentions towards Nazar’s beloved Mariana. Can this get worse? It can – when the Tsar’s most merciless henchman, Fedor, decides to chase and punish the thief of the heirloom personally.

Doctor Balaton (https://pitchplay.tv/ceescreenings/46)
Genre: Dramedy, 80x30'

The focus of the “Hungarian Dallas” story is on the unique and efficient mineral water. The story takes place in a township of Balatonfelvidék where the characters – coming from very different parts of life and the world – meets and takes an unexpected turn. The township is called Balatonmeggyes that has a new family doctor, Dr. András Balla-Tóth, he is an engaged missionary doctor, who needs to take a bypass because of his struggle with the medicine lobby.

Prof (https://pitchplay.tv/ceescreenings/50)
Genre: Crime drama, 32x48'

Andrey Izvorin is a history lecturer. He is a man with a real passion for his subject, and is convinced that every unsolved crime, or crime that an innocent person took the punishment for, repeats itself until justice is restored. When he's not lecturing, Andrey creates comics under the pseudonym "Hunter." Their subject? Terrifying serial killers of the past who were never found or caught. When one of these comics suddenly begins to come true, Andrey starts off as the main suspect, before becoming the investigation's best hope. After all, he's the only person who knows what's supposed to happen next. Detective Anna Rybakova, who is heading up the case, is a stern boss to her team and a loving mother to her son, whose father is absent. She is initially skeptical about Andrey and doesn't trust him – that is, until he saves her life.

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