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MIDPOINT opens applications for 6th Writer’s Room program
 16 May 2024
Prague-based MIDPOINT Institute has opened applications for the 6th Writer’s Room program to be held in October 2024. The program is headed by Gabor Krigler, Head of Studies and founder of Joyrider Television. Steve Matthews, Content Executive at Banijay, is mentoring the 2024 Series Launch program this year, he will also be leading the 2025 program. Both Gabor and Steve previously held senior creative positions at HBO Europe.

On May 18th MIDPOINT is partnering with leading TV and film festivals and organizations at the Cannes Film Festival Co-Production Day.

Since launching the Institute in 2010, more than 1400 aspiring writers, producers and directors have attended the program, many of whom have gone on to international success.

More than 600 films and tv series have been supported through development, with 136 presented at industry platforms and more than 70 achieving successful productions.

MIDPOINT Institute is an international audiovisual training and networking institution offering comprehensive professional support in film and series development, individual skills development, and post-production. MIDPOINT Institute is focused on central and eastern Europe, and open to diversity across all its programs.

In addition to the Writers Room, MIDPOINT organizes a wide range of programs, principally the Series Launch, and includes Smash Cut, a creative incubator for fresh new voices developing short-form or web series; Shorts, a script and project-development and networking platform for professional or graduation fiction shorts, and Intensive Queer, a professional script and project-development program designed to foster diversity in storytelling.

Co-founder with Pavel Jech of the MIDPOINT Institute, Barbora Struss said: “Our focus has been to support and encourage emerging talents from central and eastern Europe; however, the success of more than seventy films and series by MIDPOINT alumni has created interest in western Europe, and we look forward to welcoming participants from all corners of Europe.”

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