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OGM Universe reveals its new titles for NATPE Budapest
 12 Jun 2024
OGM Universe has announced its content offer for the upcoming NATPE Budapest 2024 which will take place June 24-27 at the InterContinental.

Visitors can find OGM Universe in Suite 214, where they will have the opportunity to find out more about the company’s latest series, including Dilemma and When a Man Loves. These series, alongside established hits, exemplify the quality and emotional depth that Turkish drama is renowned for, OGM Universe noted in its press release.

Dilemma (8 x 45′) is about Neslihan Turhan who is the host of the TV show One Truth. She touches people’s lives, shines a light on stories that remain dark, and builds her career on justice. Lal Kaleli’s death upends her life, and Can, her son, is implicated. Motherhood and all the principles she believes in are Neslihan’s biggest dilemmas.

Lost in Love (85 x 45′) tells about Mete and Naz, born into affluent and influential families, are bound together by a promise made during their childhood. As they grow older, their relationship becomes a rollercoaster of heated arguments and passionate reconciliations. Mete, deeply committed to keeping the childhood promise, returns from studying abroad to marry Naz. However, fate intervenes when he crosses paths with İncila, Naz’s loyal servant. Their unexpected connection complicates Mete’s feelings, leaving him torn between two women.

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